Our Mission

To help growing brands grow.

We assist growing brands in demystifying packaging manufacturing.We are aware that packaging materials and printing processes are not common knowledge to many companies.  There is tremendous growth in natural foods, pet foods and consumer packaged goods as a whole it’s because of this growth that many small and medium sized brands need better insight and perspective on managing supply chain. So we set out to help companies just like yours, see into the future of your packaging needs and control problems before they happen.

We're aware of the pitfalls of the industry and we try to work with our clients to prepare them to avoid these pitfalls. We also help to analyze your current materials and processes to provide guidance in regards to potential improvements.  That’s our goal- to help growing brands grow.

Values and Beliefs:

At Print Solutions- one of the cornerstones of our business is integrity. We would rather you take your business elsewhere than misguide you for our own benefit. Our company was founded on doing what’s right for ourselves and others which is why our CEO felt the need to make a change in the industry. Unfortunately there will always be variables beyond anyone’s control in manufacturing but we are here to help our customers manage those variables as best we can.


"Print Solutions Ltd helped us produce a flexible packaging job that everybody told us was impossible. The final result was better than what we expected! He kept us up to date on lead times and everything went very smooth! Definitely recommend working with Print Solutions!"

Robert Sepe Jr., Healthy  & Fit Nutritionals

"I have known Alan from PSL for about 5 years. We use him for flexible packaging and we have used him for labels as well. Alan is an honest person to work with and he is passionate about us doing the right thing in regards to our packaging needs. It is great to be able to source different things from a guy I have known for a long time and the quality is always top notch."


Performance Food Center John H.

"Alan at Print Solutions has been an excellent partner. He has handled graphic design for my company as well as our digitally printed flexible packaging. He was really able to explain the differences in process and it helped us make decisions more efficiently. Their graphic designer Jason, is very fast and easy to work with."

ECO Foods Claire Polson

"Alan from PSL and myself have been friends for a number of years. I refer any of my clients to PSL that have needs for packaging, whether it is labels or bags. As a whey contract manufacturer, my clients have all kinds of needs and if the packaging is a problem I can't get the job done. You can tell that PSL is very knowledgeable in the packaging arena. They know exactly how to solve my clients issues and usually save them money."

Paul LaRiviere, GMP Nutraceuticals

Long Term Relationships:

We have seen our clients packaging spend go from $3000 a year to $300,000 a year.  We believe in doing what’s best for companies of all sizes, which is why we can’t subscribe to only one form of manufacturing. We believe in treating our large clients in the same manner as we treat our small clients with honest communication, respect and responsiveness. We will tell you the truth even when you don’t like it.

Growth Through Service:

We are a small company too. Our company was built from $5000.00 with no cash injection from any investor or owner. We understand how difficult it is to build a business in this market and we know your struggles. We understand how it feels to be the “new kid on the block”. However we also believe positive work will yield positive results so we stay focused on helping others however we can with what we have to offer and so far, this has been the difference maker in our business.

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