Stand-Up Pouches (4oz)


High quality stand up pouches are available in a variety of sizes and materials. We offer different hang hole options as well. If you’re interested in a specialty zipper or seal size please let us know using Our pouches are Great for coffee, dog treats, jerky, powders, and more. Select your options and add your artwork below.

We do not offer shipping to Alaska and Hawaii at the moment.

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Custom sizes and seals may require extra set up charges. If you’re unsure about what material you’d want to use or need to use please let us know. If you need retort packaging, a size not included in the shopping area of the site or if you have any other specialty needs please email us @

Also please note, art files should be sent in as packaged art in hi res, we want all the fonts and images used to create the files. Should we need to do any editing to the files beyond preparing them to print the charge is billed at an hourly rate and can be reviewed in your invoice. It’s always the customers responsibility to review their art files and invoices to be sure the art is correct and the invoice correctly references the order you placed online. 

Materials range in thickness and feel. We offer the best soft touch matte in the business and it provides a unique customer experience. Our standard thickness for a non metallized bag is 3.7 mil thick with some minor fluctuation allowed. 

Soft Touch to White LLDPE

  • medium barrier film with soft touch outer layer 3.7 mil thick. Great for items with no window and don’t require very high barrier

Soft Touch with Window

  • This will give you a fuzzy window but will also have the nice feel of soft touch matte. Same barriers as above

Semi Matte with Window
If you want matte but with a clearer window this is the best option for digital printing. Also 3.7 mil thick with some barrier

Semi Matte with Metalized Liner
This is a 3 layer, high barrier material that’s used commonly for powders, nuts, coffee etc. Blocks light, oxygen and moisture to a high degree. Also comes with our special soft touch matte. 4.2 mil thick

Glossy with Window
We use an Alox pet for a high barrier 2 layer bag. This combination provides supreme protection from the elements as well as allows you to have a nice clear window on your bag! 3.7 mil thick

Glossy with MET/PET
This is another very high barrier film used in applications for a shiny finish. This is a 3 layer lamination and is excellent for any application with no window. 4.2 mil thick

Meni Matte to White LLDPE
This is a cost effective 2 layer film good for most products. Semi matte to white pe is good for no window bags and products that don’t require very extreme barrier. However it will be effective for most products. 3.7 mil thick

Glossy to White LLDPE
This is the same as above but with a shinier finish. 3.7 mil thick

Hang Holes
Several options to choose from or choose no hang hole.

Wide hole hangers in the shape of a sombrero, great for…… 

Peg Hole
Circular hole to fit hangers. Great for….

We use a standard 10mm zipper but if you want a special zipper like child proof or powder please let us know!