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We offer a unique suite of printing capabilities to serve your dynamic needs. Each printing solution is different so choosing the correct method can save you money and headaches.

Don't Limit Your Options.

Most companies that are going to provide you with flexible packaging are limited to one process of printing. What if this process isn't the best for your company?

At Print Solutions we don't have those limitations. Our goal is to utilize the best process for your work. Here's a little more info on how each system works and when it may be best for your products.

Customized Ordering

Use multiple processes to order your packaging instead of just one printing method. Increase your efficiency with our streamlined solutions. 

Friendly Staff

We understand how it important it is someone answers the phone when you call. Many of our customers have chosen to work with us because we are there for them! 


We help our clients by putting over a decade of experience in best practices to work for them. We understand materials, production quantities and waste reduction in a press room. This is where we make the difference!

Your One-Stop-Shop for Busy and Growing Brands!

Which Flexible Packaging Solution is Right For You?

We offer a wide variety of flexible packaging solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We serve a variety of industries too. 

Digital Printing vs. Flexographic vs. Gravure Printing

Digital Printing

Faster Lead Times

Due to the lack of extensive setup, as seen in flexographic and gravure printing, digital printing can provide faster lead times.

Lower Costs

Digital flexible packaging is excellent for all flexible packaging. Sample packs, stand up bags and roll stock can all be printed without the costs of printing plates.

Bright & Consistent

Less movable parts also means you get a brighter and more consistent quality of print.


Add skus, change designs, release promotional products with the freedom of working without plates.

We love the digital technology, traditional methods just can’t compare with digital in many situations. Contact us if you want to see if this can be a solution for you.

Average lead time 3-5 weeks.

Digital Printing vs. Flexographic vs. Gravure Printing

Flexographic Printing

Flexo printing is excellent for runs between 50,000-1mm pieces or large size requirements.

Excellent color quality and consistency using “hd flexo plates” across long runs.

Very high speed capability makes flexo printing more efficient for the big jobs.

Flexo printing is typically used for larger web width printing, higher run volumes of 50,000-1,000,000 impressions-excellent color quality using hi-def flexo plates, side gusset bags or box bags. When you have standardized your skus and know how long your orders will last you it may be time to consider investing in plates. This is a decision we can help you make!

Turnaround times can range from 6-10 weeks. 

Digital Printing vs. Flexographic vs. Gravure Printing

Rotogravure Printing

Direct ink transfer from print cylinder for ultimate definition.

Optimal for varnishes and in line coatings.

Excellent option for all types of higher volume flexible packaging.

The difference between gravure and flexo is gravure utilizes an engraved cylinder as opposed to a printing plate to transfer the ink to the substrate, or material. Gravure cylinders can range in price and this process is most common overseas at this point. Gravure is known for excellent print definition over high volume jobs, and is excellent for all types of flexible packaging.  

Lead time, 8-12 weeks on average.

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